“Supplier of Nature’s Product from the Earth”

Health & Herbs is a wholesale supplier of a large variety of botanicals (dried raw cut herbs) to the retail health stores, pharmacies, other wholesalers/distributors and manufacturers of supplements. We deliver the dried raw cut herbs to the retail industry and distributors of supplements in pre-packed labelled carton boxes ranging from 60 gram to 100 gram. Large bulk orders are delivered in large identified bags or carton boxes to other wholesalers and manufacturers of supplements. All our herbs are certified and of the highest quality standard. Our products are very competitively priced and we are looking forward to a strong and prosperous relationship with mutual beneficiations to all.


The information contained in this website and/or our products, services and communications are presented for education purposes only and is not intended to to diagnose, treat prevent, or cure any disease, or is any such claim made, and is not intended to substitute for the advise, treatment or diagnosis of a qualified licensed professional.

Hours: Monday to Friday From 8:30am to 4:00pm GMT

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